Wastewater treatment in Ghana that works

Alumichem participated in a wastewater management seminar organised as part of programs to commission a pilot wastewater treatment plant in Ghana.

The project is a technology collaboration between Alumichem and Biokube under the EKF Green Accelerator program with support from Danish consulting firm Ramboll and the Danish Embassy in Accra. The purpose of the project is to, among other things, demonstrate the capacity of available cost effective engineering, chemical and biological solutions from Danish technology providers like Alumichem and Biokube to efficiently treat wastewater to meet strict regulatory requirements such as is the case in Ghana. The event was attended by various stakeholders including policy makers, regulators and end users from various industries with many expressing great satisfaction with the performance of the pilot plant.

Combining the biological and chemical treatment technology has reduced the impact on our piping and pumping system which has resulted in significant savings on our maintenance cost;

Olam, tomatoes factory in Tema, Ghana

Effluent treatment from industrial processes remain a big challenge and a major contributor to water/environmental pollution in Ghana. It is hoped that the results from the pilot project will provide needed motivation for Ghanaian industry to make necessary investments towards effluent treatment even as the local Environmental Protection Agency affirms its commitment to enforcing regulations of effluent discharge.

Alumichem will continue in its efforts to deliver clean sustainable solutions in water and wastewater treatment to customers in Ghana and the rest of Africa.


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