Wastewater management can make a big difference in Ghana

Alumichem has joined forces with BioKube to deliver solutions that will ensure clean water in Ghana.
Alumichem (Christian Kemp) at the wastewater management workshop in Ghana, presenting for the key players in Ghana’s manufacturing sector.

In Ghana, there has not been a focus on wastewater management and the environmental impact of unclean wastewater. The problem is that, in most cases, unclean wastewater is discharged directly into nature and therefore ends up in rivers where it can affect the drinking water, as the rivers in many African countries are part of the supply of drinking water.

As experts in wastewater treatment and drinking water production, Alumichem, in collaboration with BioKube, will develop and deliver the systems and chemistry needed, to ensure clean water and sustainable wastewater management in Ghana. 

The project has been made possible through the Green Accelerator program, which aims to support Danish companies with seed funding for sustainable export projects.

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“Ghana is a focus area for us because Danish wastewater systems can make a big difference, not only for the companies, but the entire Ghanaian population, who benefit from a greener water cycle with our solutions”

Christian Kemp, CEO Alumichem


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