Sustainable utilization of marine resources

The Marigreen project seeks to utilize marine resources to foster green plant production in Europe.

Ivan Liviano Lama (Senior Innovation Specialist, Alumichem) with DTU Aqua.

In collaboration with several partners across Europe, Alumichem is currently working on the Marigreen project for Sustainable utilization of marine resources to foster green plant production in Europe. Significant amounts of fertilizers applicable in organic growing are required to achieve 25% organic farmland in EU by 2030, as proposed in the F2F (Farm to Fork) strategy.


The Marigreen project will valorize residual materials from aquaculture (BLUE sector), of which many are currently poorly utilized, by treating them with appropriate technology and applying in agriculture (GREEN sector). The project includes a unique approach to utilizing organic fish waste from aquaculture to speed up approval for use in growing media. Additionally, it includes research on using biochar, which improves soil, after it is impregnated with extracts of “BLUE” materials to provide nutrients and other beneficial compounds for agricultural soil.

The effectiveness of promising materials will be tested in real-world conditions in greenhouses and fields. The project also aims to evaluate the logistics and costs associated with creating a value chain for producing fertilizers and biostimulants by consulting with industry partners and surveying potential customers.

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