Solutions & Innovation

Complete solutions

We know there is no universal solution that suits all customers.

Based on our vast experience in water treatment, we can help you choose the most cost-effective solution for treating your water.

Should you:

Let Alumichem’s experts guide you to the most cost-effective solution for your need.

Innovation Partnerships

Alumichem has many years of experience in developing new products and processes and thus offers this as a service for our customers and partners.

At Alumichem we have the competencies, the facilities, and the supply chain, to assist our customers with taking their product or process to the next level.

Some of the areas where we offer support are:

Whether you are developing a new product, a new process, or want to optimize an existing one, we can help drive your innovation forward in a collaborative partnership.


Are you hesitant to invest up front? We offer clean water as a service by leasing equipment.

Pilot units

Do you want to be sure a new water treatment solution works in your case?
Let us prove it at your site.