Rethink your purification process and invest in a new technology

Are you interested in wastewater treatment with unprecedented efficiency? rethink your purification process and invest in a new technology.

Wastewater discharge from your company has to meet quite strict quality requirements which most conventional purification systems cannot meet. Today, you have to cope with new technologies to comply with all the environmental requirements for discharges. One such useful technology is Norlex Systems IntenseOx® which removes contaminants that occurs in unnaturally high concentrations.

The water around us contains more and more contaminants of emerging concern such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals from agriculture and industrial production. This pollution puts human health at risk as it threatens the quality of our drinking water.

Therefore, we see a global trend going towards more regulation and stricter environmental requirements for either reusing the water or improving the quality of wastewater discharge.

For your company or municipality to maintain your position on the market, you must invest in green solutions and be able to meet all requirements for wastewater treatment.

Let me explain the problems with traditional purification and introduce you to a new technology that can cope with the ever more stringent requirements.

Conventional systems have limited effect

Conventional chemical purification systems have problems to comply with the regulation of the treatment process we see all over the world; in US, China, EU, Scandinavia, etc. In general, the chemicals used are costly, the wastewater treatment itself generate quite a lot of excess sludge, and the processes are unable to separate micropollutants/ contaminants from the water.

You need to rethink your purification process and start focusing on new technologies. Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) are great alternatives that can lead your company confidently into all future requirements for wastewater discharges.

The future belongs to advanced oxidation processes

Advanced Oxidation Processes defined as “a purification method which uses an oxidizing substance to decompose non-biogradable and toxic organics in wastewater” hold several unique advantages in the field of water treatment.

Most importantly, AOPs can remove contaminants in wastewater with incredibly high efficiency from several-hundred parts per billion (ppb) to less than 5 ppb. By oxidizing the pollutant particles, these are separated from the water as they form a slurry layer at the surface that is easy to skim off.

The process produces much less residual sludge than ever seen before. The reason for this is because the contaminant materials are mineralized and thereby converted into stable inorganic compounds such as water, carbon dioxide, and salts. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in incineration or off-site disposal of a huge lot of residual sludge which makes it extremely cost-effective.

At Norlex Systems we have taken the technology to the next level and developed an extremely efficient IntenseOx technology for water purification.

Norlex systems unique bubble technology set new standards

Norlex Systems’ IntenseOx® uses AOP whereby the oxidizing substance is injected into the wastewater as ultrafine nanobubbles. When these meet contaminants, an efficient decomposition process begins.

 The advantages of using this technology are many:

  • It can decompose highly degradable organic compounds as PAHs, phenols, and pesticides.
  • It is a 100 % chemical-free technology that generates clean sludge without chemical residues.
  • It can effectively eliminate organic compounds rather than produce excess sludge.
  • It reduces organic loading considerably – e.g., COD is reduced by up to 80 % and BOD by up to 50 %.

This process can treat your wastewater with unprecedented efficiency. It is efficient, non-chemical, future-proof and all worth the investment.

Let us prepare your company for the future by purifying your wastewater

Feel free to contact me for more information about AOP and IntenseOx.

I am always ready to discuss our IntenseOx technology and how we can customize it to your industry and specific needs.


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