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Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC®

AluPAC® High quality water purification solution

(PAC) Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC is a high purity product with high aluminum content. AluPAC is produced according to EN 883 (Chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption).

AluPAC neutralizes the colloidal charge whereby compact flocks are formed. The flocks are precipitated from the water by sedimentation or flotation. The compact flocks provide fine drainage characteristics to the slurry.

Key benefits

High purity and quality of water
Excellent coagulation, flotation and sedimentation
Excellent removal of phosphor
Minimal chemical sludge
Low transportation cost


AluPAC is designed to be used within a wide range of applications.

Water treatment

Poly Aluminum Chloride is widely used within industrial water treatment to clean process water. read more about industrial water treatment.

Wastewater Treatment

Poly Aluminum Chloride is used within the wastewater treatment and Municipal water treatment. Read more about wastewater treatment.

Chemical solutions designed to your needs

We offer tailor-made solutions to meet the exact specifications you require for your production.


Product Registration Poly Aluminum Chloride AluPAC
CAS No. 1327-41-9 EC No. 215-477-2 Registration number (REACH) 01-2119531563-43-0044

Poly Aluminum Chloride AluPAC comply to EN 882 “Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption”

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