DUST-AWAY – An effective and Eco-friendly Dust suppression solution

Dust suppression chemicals for the industry, mining, construction and demolition

DUST-AWAY is an efficient and reliable dust suppression solution for preventive control of fugitive dust on manufacturing sites in industries involving mining, crushing and grinding of raw materials, milling and heavy equipment operation.

Effective and easily applied dust suppression

Adding DUST-AWAY to watering routines improves results dramatically, as PM Particles are physically bound and prevented from becoming airborne.

DUST- AWAY can easily be applied, using any watering equipment, that is already on the site.

The numerous advantages of DUST-AWAY

  • Reliable and efficient dust suppressor – up to 35% reduction in the daily PM10 average. Read case study
  • Prolongs life time of equipment and machinery used at construction, mining, demolition etc.
  • Non-corrosive to any surfaces or any metals.
  • Comes in a “ready to use” liquid form, clings to roads and does not blow away.
  • Can easily be applied, using any watering equipment, that is already on the site.
  • Long bonding to roads & surfaces with effect up to three months.
  • Eco-friendly, easily biodegradable, non-toxic for people.
  • Non-hazardous to ground water.
  • Effective de-icing properties, also used preventively.

Safe and Eco-friendly dust suppression chemical

DUST-AWAY is a liquid dust binder, based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). Both calcium and magnesium occur naturally in the ground, and acetate is easily degradable. Due to this eco-friendly formula DUST-AWAY has received the Nordic Ecolabel.

DUST-AWAY is safe and easy to use and its unique non-corrosive features make it compatible with any surface or metal, including galvanized metal. DUST-AWAY doesn’t leave any marks.

Dust binder and de-icer in one product

DUST-AWAY is not only an eco-friendly dust binding product. It is also an eco-friendly and effective alternative to conventional road salt.

It can be used on any surfaces and down to -32 °C. It’s non-corrosive and won’t harm cars, nature or groundwater.

Using the same equipment makes it easy to handle and spares the environment.

Learn more about DUST-AWAYS de-icing properties

Product Registration

CAS Nr. 110518-63-3
Registration number, REACH (calcium acetate / magnesium acetate / potassium formate) 01-2119987569-11-0029 /01-2119991992-18-0010 / 01-2119486456-26-0013

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More details are available on these studies in the report “Evaluation of different
measures to reduce road dust emission in Stockholm” on www.simair.smhi.se

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