Surface water is an important resource

Surface water can be cleaned and treated to meet the requirement of any process or to meet drinking water standards.

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Alumichem produces and supplies essential products to clean surface water for any use, ranging from cooling water, boiler feed water or drinking water.

Turn surface water into high quality drinking water

Surface water is the main resource for the production of drinking water in many countries. Surface water can be ocean water, brackish water or freshwater from rivers or lakes.

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Whatever the source is, Alumichem products can help optimize the process, improving the treatment results and reducing the overall cost.

Brackish and ocean water contain salts and must therefore must be treated by Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove the salts and other pollutants. Subsequently, it can be necessary to add some minerals back into the water to condition the RO-water into drinking water.

Wide range of products to aid in the RO process.

Fresh surface water does not contain salts, but is instead polluted with particulates, organics and dissolved solids pollutants which must be removed, to turn this water resource into safe drinking water.

For this purposepurpose, a membrane process can be used – either RO or Ultra Filtration (UF) – or the water can also be treated chemically with a coagulant in a water treatment plant.

Alumichem developes and produces specialized coagulants to be used in the production of drinking water from fresh surface water.

Our products provide superior performance over conventional coagulants, resulting in better water quality with lower production costs.

Specialized coagulants with superior performance.

Surface water as cooling water

Fresh surface water is often used as a feed water to cooling towers. In most cases, it is beneficial to filter the water before feeding to the system, to reduce the content of suspended solids and organics, which will concentrate in the system.

Filtration can be a media filtration, like sand filtration, or automatic filters. In any case, using a coagulant can greatly improve the efficiency of the filtration, as the fine particles are coagulated into larger flocs that the filters can easily separate.

Alumichem coagulants are ideal for these applications, offering fast reaction time and low dosing.

Surface water as boiler feed water

Production of boiler feed water from surface water can be done by filtration, and ion exchange columns or RO.

Alumichem coagulants and Membrane chemicals help optimize the cleaning process, protecting the equipment and ensuring reliable production of high quality boiler feed water.

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Rural drinking water systems

Alumichem builds complete systems for treatment of surface waters in rural areas.


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