Improve activated sludge Settling on your wastewater plant

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At Alumichem we know that a stable activated sludge system is the key to healthy sludge and effective wastewater treatment and we have the right products to help

Most activated sludge systems rely on a secondary clarifier to settle the activated sludge, before discharging the treated wastewater to the recipient. A lot of plants experience periodical challenges with the sludge properties. This can affect the quality of the outlet water, causing compliance issues and a loss of biomass from the aeration tank.

Alumichem has various products that can help stabilizing your sludge properties, to achieve an optimal biological process and sludge settling.

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Stabilizing the sludge properties

Our experienced engineering team can help you to improve and stabilize your plants sludge properties. We will help you minimize operating costs and increase the efficiency of your wastewater treatment plant.

We have products that can help solve various operating issues, including:

Our products


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Norfloc NF1

New inorganic coagulant that optimizes operation and can replace the traditional metal salts.


AluPAC neutralizes the colloidal charge whereby compact flocks are formed. Excellent coagulation, flotation and...

Foam Inhibitors

Alumichem distributes a wide range of defoaming agents for all types of applications.


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Stay in compliance, stabilize your wastewater treatment plant, and improve your overall operations...

Biological wastewater treatment

Water treatment chemicals and solutions for biological wastewater...

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Solutions within aquaculture sludge treatment and complete systems for heavy metal removal.