Innovative slop oil treatment and treatment of oily sludges

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Slop oil can cause dangerous environmental hazards and costly storage problems

The processing of crude oil in refineries and petrochemical plants creates oil contaminated wastewater. Processing this waste water will divide the waste water into its main components consisting of oil, water and solids. Due to the increasing significance of oil, the objective
lies in recovering as much oil as possible and in disposing other components like water and solids in an efficient way.

Alumichem has adapted the three-phase-separation technology in a tricanter, which uses G-force to separate the constituents due to the difference in density.

The pre-treatment of oil with a Tricanter® is crucial for the efficiency of the process. Heating reduces the viscosity of the oil. Moreover, it is possible to add emulsion breaker (chemicals) in order to improve the process of separation. By adding polymer flocculation or precipitation agents, fine solids particles can be separated more efficiently.

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