Phosphorus removal solution to meet rigorous discharge limits

Our solution for phosphorus removal will ensure that the wastewater that is discharged from your company or wastewater plant is of an acceptable quality.

In general, two methods are available to remove phosphorus from water: biological and chemical. Alumichem has the right products and systems to help when working with both processes.

Biological phosphorus removal

Biological removal involves bacteria formed in the activated sludge system that have an unusually high tendency to adsorb phosphorous. The sludge produced by this bacterial action is rich in phosphorus and is therefore a great fertilizer.

Simultaneous addition of coagulant, such as ferric chloride, in the activated sludge plant may cause inhibition of bacterial metabolism and reduce the biological P removal efficiency again increasing the demand for chemical precipitation of phosphorus.

Norfloc NF1 is designed to be used in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment at a very low dosage of just 3-6 ppm. Norfloc NF1 innovative formulation improves floc formation, condition the biology for optimal phosphorus removal, inhibit filamentous bacteria and greatly improve settling rate of the sludge.

Norfloc NF1 is therefore the perfect supplement for your Bio-P WWTP.

Norfloc NF1 will boost the biological P removal efficiency, help stabilize your wastewater treatment plant and maximize capacity by ensuring fast settling with improved effluent quality.

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Chemical phosphorus removal

Chemical phosphorus removal typically involves the precipitation of phosphorus from the wastewater with aluminium or iron based salts.

Using aluminium salt, such as AluPAC (poly aluminiumchloride) or AluSAL (sodiumaluminate) instead of iron salts has a lot of advantages, such as:

Advantages og using aluminium salt:

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