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Alumichem supply a range of odor control solutions to help manage and control odor and potentially dangerous gasses from your process or wastewater treatment.

Odors emitted from production processes and wastewater treatment streams can be persistent, strong, unpleasant, and even dangerous for employees and nearest neighbors.

Odor is often formed by microbiological breakdown of organic matter, releasing gasses into the air. In wastewater, smell can be referred to as sewer gas, which is a complex mixture of both hazardous and non-hazardous gasses such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), ammonia, methane, esters, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Probably the most well-known and easily detectable smell, is that of H2S, with the distinct smell of foul eggs. However, H2S is also a toxic gas in higher concentrations, so H2S management is an important measure in many wastewater treatment processes.

Odor can be prevented and eliminated by adding the right chemicals to the water (f.ex. to the sewer stream. If chemical treatment is not possible the odor can also be removed by filtering the air before discharge from the buildings through ventilation systems, or by mechanical measures such as aeration.

Chemicals may be added to a water or wastewater streams to prevent or break down odor forming gasses. Such chemicals may target specific gasses, but often they have a broader effect on multiple odor forming gasses. Chemicals may also have the effect of preventing the formation of odor forming gasses.

Chemical odor control is an effective way to reduce odor and to eliminate the release of hazardous gasses.

The products range from neutralizing agents, neutralizing the unpleasant odors to reactants, reacting with the odor molecule to eliminate it.

Activated Carbon has the ability to adsorb many of the gasses that produce odor. Filtering water or air through Activated Carbon, will thereby eliminate the odor.

Treating water with Activated Carbon for odor control requires a rather clean water stream, as the carbon also act as a filter. As such, Activated Carbon is not used on raw wastewater, but rather as a potential polishing step for treated water.

However, Activated Carbon is often used to eliminate smell from buildings. Industrial processes may produce smell and the first straining of wastewater also produce a lot of bad odor. Having an Activated Carbon filter on the ventilation/exhaust from these buildings will eliminate or greatly reduce odor. This may be a requirement in populated areas where neighbors may complain if odor is released to the environment.  

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Solutions for Odor control

Alumichem can help you identify the optimal and most economical way to manage odor from your process or wastewater.

Our solutions range from neutralizing agents, neutralizing the unpleasant odors to reactants, reacting with the odor molecule to eliminate it.

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