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Optimal operation of a membrane plant include the use of antiscalants and the ability to effectively clean and restore flux to the membranes.

Using the right antiscalant prolong the runtime of a membrane plant between cleanings. Equally, using the right cleaning chemicals will ensure complete cleaning and flux restoration and will help prolong membrane lifetime.

Why use an antiscalant chemical?

All membranes will eventually foul – most often from inorganic foulants, scales. Membrane processes are most often a cross-flow filtration processes, where the pollutants in the feed water concentrates as it passes through the membrane train. When the concentration of salts, like f.ex. calcium carbonate, concentrate it may exceed the solubility of scales which will then start to precipitate. These scales can attach to the membrane surface and start to block the membrane.  

An antiscalant can prevent or limit this fouling by either increasing solubility of scales or prevent the scales from attaching to the membrane surface.

Using an antiscalant can facilitate a higher recovery and drastically prolong the runtime between cleanings.

Choose the right cleaning chemicals for your membranes

The cleaning procedure and the type of chemicals you should use depends on the type of fouling, the type of membrane and the system design, and will normally include both an alkaline and an acidic cleaning step.

The goal of the cleaning procedure is to achieve a complete cleaning and thereby restoring the flux to maximum capacity, while also limiting the wear on the membranes as much as possible.

Specialised cleaning chemicals are developed to greatly enhance the cleaning effect with minimal stress on the membranes. This is achieved by low dosage requirement and avoiding extreme pH due to the enhanced cleaning effect of the products.

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The right solution for your membrane systems

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Our products can be used for any membrane process: Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR), Micro Filtration, Reverse Osmosis.

Our services for optimal membrane plant operation.

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MBR Klean can be used on both external and submerged type mbr systems and is suitable for both back flush and cip.


Disperse series of antiscalants include products to control any challenges that cause fouling


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