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Alumichem delivers products and solutions for removal of all types of heavy metals from wastewater.

Heavy metal removal

Many industrial processes produce wastewater with a high amount of inorganic micropollutants, where the main part is constituted of heavy metals, such as zink, nickel or cadmium. These metals are not allowed to discharge to nature, as they are poisonous to and accumulate in marine life. The heavy metals are not totally unwanted in nature, as they are also seen as being essential for natural processes to occur. The border between being a micro pollutant and a micro nutrient is thin, which is the reason for having discharge limits.

The main process for heavy metal removal is chemical precipitation, where heavy metals are precipitated as an insoluble complex and bound in particles.

Using coagulation and flocculation, the heavy metals are removed in a physical-chemical process. Other processes for heavy metal removal are adsorption to an ion exchange resin or our own mineral Lexinite.

Chemical precipitation of heavy metals is still the most optimal way to reduce heavy metal traces in waste water streams. 

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Solutions for Heavy metal removal

Alumichem helps companies to meet discharge limits. This is done by designing the right process, delivering the right system, and making sure that the operation is successful by using the right chemistry.

We solve various operating issues, including:

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We supply a complete range of coagulants. We are experts in optimizing coagulation processes...


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Sodium Aluminate – AluSAL®

AluSAL is produced by reacting alumina hydroxide with sodium hydroxide.

Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC®

(PAC) Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC is a high purity product

Aluminum Chlorohydrate – AluACH®

AluACH is an extremely powerful and versatile product.


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