Effective cooling water treatment for a controlled and balanced system

Alumichem cooling water treatment programs effectively control potential issues and ensures stable operation of the cooling system.

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Correct water treatment of industrial cooling systems protects against deposits and corrosion and keeps the microbiological growth under control.

In cooling systems, there are high demands for the chemical and microbiological water quality. If the cooling system does not work optimally, it could damage the production – for example, in the food and pharmaceutical industries, loss of cooling capacity may result in unstable biological and chemical processes which will have a significant impact on the company’s profit.

To ensure optimum operation with optimised energy consumption from cooling systems, three primary parameters must be under control:

These parameters are linked together as demonstrated below, and loss of control of any of them will lead to problems with the remaining two. This is illustrated in the figure below:

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Deposits insulate and inhibit the cooling effect

The cooling effect of a system depends strongly on the insulating effect on the surfaces where the heat transfer occurs. Insulation is formed by the materials in the system, but also largely by deposits (scales/salts and corrosion products) and biofilm.

In cooling towers it is also important to keep the packing material in the tower free from deposits, which are typically caused by biofilm. Biofilm captures and builds deposits of particles from the water and from the air that passes through the tower.

Programs for optimal cooling water treatment

Our cooling water treatment programs combine effective inhibitors and biocides with data analysis, monitoring and services that together ensure that the entire system is effectively protected against corrosion, deposits, biological growth and other potential problems.

All this is achieved by selecting the right combination of inhibitors and biocides based on analyses of the available water resource. 

We provide individually tailored service and support that takes into account the special operating conditions of your industry. We serve you all the way from testing, start-up and operation to subsequent constructive feedback and servicing.

Alumichems cooling water treatment programs contains the following products:

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We deliver dosing systems of the highest quality and we help with the correct installation and commissioning

Membrane chemicals

Specialised cleaning chemicals. Antiscalant and biocide chemicals for all membrane applications

Cooling water chemicals

We supply a wide range chemicals for cooling water. antiscaling, corrosion inhibitors, biodispersants...

Boiler water chemicals

Broad spectrum antiscaling agents. Corrosion inhibitors. oxygen scavengers.


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