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The coagulation process is important in order to ensure that the wastewater that is discharged from your company or wastewater plant is of acceptable quality.

Coagulation is a chemical process involving charge neutralization, which causes the colloidal particles to accumulate in microflocs.

Coagulants are used as the first part of the precipitation process. They react with dissolved and suspended substances and form these microflocs. With the use of flocculants (polymers), the microflocs can be gathered into large flocs, which can be separated from the water phase and dewatered.


Coagulants are divided into two main groups: organic and inorganic coagulants. Special mixtures of inorganic and organic coagulants are gaining more and more ground, as in some applications they produce a better result than standard coagulants do individually.

Inorganic coagulants, mostly metal salts, are used to treat wastewater and drinking water worldwide. The most common coagulants used when treating wastewater are ferric chloride and polyaluminium chloride, but sodium aluminate (NaAIO2) is also widely used. For drinking water, aluminum based coagulants are the most widely used.

Norfloc NF1, AluSAL, AluACH and AluPAC are the clear choices of coagulants for precipitation of suspended solids and for removal of phosphorous. The uniformity of the products ensures an excellent result in the flotation or sedimentation process and ensures high water purity.


Organic coagulants include products that can be based on amines, polyDADMAC or tannins. Amines and polyDADMAC are the most commonly used. They are widely used in the industry and potable water treatment, where inorganic coagulants do not produce the same result.

Tannin-based products have a more limited use but are an attractive alternative due to their green profile. Today, they are used in the fishing industry in particular.

Our natural polymers are starch based and can be used in separation of water from solids when renewable, bio-based raw material is preferred. Our natural polymers contain no acrylamide and is therefore the optimal natural solution for water treatment.

Special blends of organic and inorganic coagulants are gaining more and more ground as higher demands are placed on the treatment of water and wastewater. These mixtures often generate a much better result than the coagulants do separately.

Most mixtures are based on AluPAC and amines, but products containing iron chloride (either iron (II) or iron (III)) and magnesium also have applications where they generate a noticeable effect.

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