Complete customized water purification systems that meet all your requirements

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We deliver brand-new systems or help upgrade and adjust existing ones, just as we have technologies for the actual purification process.

We know there is no universal solution that suits all businesses

There are many vastly different production processes, which cause the content of pollutants and contaminants in wastewater to vary significantly between different companies and industries. This puts high demands on each wastewater treatment plant, and we can help you meet those requirements. As consultants, we use our knowledge and expertise to find customised solutions for all our customers.

By choosing a solution from Alumichem, you can rest assured that all systems and products comply with applicable environmental legislation and can be updated and adapted to future requirements. We will always assist in defining your needs for new systems or optimisation, and we offer consultancy in relation to optimising existing wastewater treatment.

There are three options for a cost-effective wastewater solution for companies:

Wastewater treatment challenges?

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An entirely new wastewater treatment system

– We help during all phases

If your company needs to establish a completely new system to treat its wastewater, Alumichem can provide a 100% complete solution. We have solid experience after many years in the industry and can step into all phases, from providing input and initial ideas, to analysing options, designing a final process design for construction and testing the system itself.

We work according to the following process:



First, in collaboration with the customer, we specify the requirements that the treatment plant must live up to.


On-site tests

We then carry out on-site pilot tests using a small-scale testing unit. The results are gathered and analyzed to formulate the final process design for a full-scale plant.


Designing the system

Finally, we design and deliver a complete system according to the customer’s wishes and needs.


Start-up phase

We are also involved in the plant’s start-up phase, and we assist the customer in defining all the essential parameters to ensure that the system remains cost-effective and future-proof.

Upgrading of existing facilities

– We can increase capacity and quality

If your company needs its existing water purification system to be modernised or upgraded, then we can help. Wastewater facilities degrade over the years, and older facilities are not designed to meet today’s purification process requirements.

Alumichem has vast experience in analysing existing purification systems and identifying strengths and weaknesses, so that you only use resources on upgrading the necessary processes. We always take our starting point in your experience with the system and the purification process when we assist in upgrading facilities to a larger capacity and significantly better purification quality.

When upgrading a system, many choose to increase the degree of automation of the entire system at the same time in order to get up to date with all specialisation requirements. This also means that there is no longer a need to have permanent operators at the system.

Removal of industrial wastewater

– We can handle the process

Some companies have a limited amount of wastewater and/or a very high concentration of pollutants and contaminants in their wastewater. For those companies, it is not economically viable to establish a new local treatment system or upgrade the current one. In this case, removal of the wastewater for off-site treatment is often the best solution.

Alumichem can provide all types of service in terms of proper handling and removal of industrial wastewater. We are happy to offer advice so that, together, we can find the best and most cost-effective solution.