Sludge thickening systems

Alumichem delivers both complete chemical programs for sludge thickening and complete systems including installation and commissioning at the site of treatment.

Sludge thickening is the process of increasing the amount of dry matter in a waste stream from around 0,1% to 5%-10%. Alumichem uses two different technologies to achieve this; the drum thickener and the sedimentation tank.

Drum thickener

The drum thickener units are designed to separate water from solids, and the process consists of two parts:

When optimized with the proper chemical treatment, this will ensure dry sludge above 10% solids. The system features a sensor which continuously measures the solids content in the sludge. Thereby, the chemical dosage can be adjusted accordingly.

The dewatering unit will greatly reduce the amount of phosporous through chemical precipitation.

Sedimentation tank

A sedimentation tank is ideal in situations where the sludge a heavier than water, and a dry matter content of 3-4% is sufficient. The benefit is a very simple operation, no mechanical parts and a potential polymer free operation.

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