Sludge dewatering system

Alumichem builds plug & play systems for dewatering of sludge, using decanter centrifuges. The systems are skid-mounted to facilitate easy installation.

The thickened sludge is dewatered in a decanter centrifuge, where the dry matter content can reach 30%. This process is performed by centrifuging the sludge to reach a dry matter content not possible with simple filtration. The dewatered sludge is transferred to a sludge buffer tank prior to further treatment or disposal.

The decanter systems is typically a part of our delivery of a complete solution, where pretreatment and polishing of effluent water is included.



In a centrifuge, the solid and liquid phases are separated by means of centrifugal acceleration. Inside the centrifuge, the solid particles, which have a higher density and are therefore heavier than the liquid, move outwards because of centrifugal force.

The particles are accumulated on the inner wall of the centrifuge bowl. Since centrifugal forces of approximately 3000 g are exerted in a centrifuge as opposed to 1 g as normal gravitation, the separation of the solid particles from the liquid is much faster and more efficient.

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