Rural drinking water systems

Alumichem builds complete systems for treatment of surface waters in rural areas.

The compact and mobile drinking water systems from Alumichem are designed to produce safe and clean drinking water that meet WHO guidelines from surface water sources. In the system, water is introduced to the water treatment system directly from the source (river or lake).



First step in the treatment is the flocking tank, where AluACH coagulant is added. From the flocking tank, the water is led to a number of clarifiers, where the formed flocs can settle. The outlet from the clarifier goes to a holding tank, from where it is pumped through a media filter to polish any remaining impurities.

After the media filter, the water is chlorinated to a determined ppm level and is led to a drinking water storage tank for distribution.

System design

The system is designed to be used with Alumichem’s AluACH enhanced coagulant exclusively.

Results show that normal surface water qualities will meet WHO-standards for drinking water after treatment.

If needed, the system can be expanded with removal of soluble micropollutants. This depends on a specific evaluation of the feed water in each case.

A typical system comprises

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