Membrane systems – for oily water treatment

The Alumichem membrane systems are designed specifically for industrial wastewater treatment, with ease of use and practical design in mind

Membranes and cleaning chemicals selected by Alumichem give robust operation with focus on minimizing energy consumption and tolerating high temperatures as well as harsh chemical environments.


The technology backbone for separating oily water is membranes. These are operated in crossflow mode for stable operation with an intelligent program for cleaning in place (CIP). The membrane system could work stand alone in treating oily water or act as an efficient polishing unit after pre-treatment units such as decanters.

Membrane systems are ideal for treatment of oily water, as the oil droplets does not pass the membrane.

A membrane system is designed by determining the needed cut-off, i.e. the size of the holes in the membranes. Alumichem delivers membrane systems in the ultrafiltration (UF) and the micro filtration (MF) range.

Membrane systems will completely remove suspended solids from the water stream and can thus also be used for heavy metal removal, provided that the heavy metals are precipitated in the water.

Typical membrane treatment setup

The oily water is pumped into a settling tank for skimming off the free oil present, and for settling of large particles. The water phase is then sent through a prefiltration stage before entering the membrane system for removal of all particles, bacteria and dispersed oil before reuse or further treatment.

Oily water can contain a great variety of substances and vary significantly in pH. However, the chemical resistance of the membranes will allow the membrane system to be used in every situation, as long as the liquid is pumpable in centrifugal pumps.

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