State-of-the-art dosing systems

Customized Dosing systems for chemical dosing

Alumichem deliver dosing systems for all types of chemicals and in all sizes. Liquid polymers, powder-dosing systems and dosing pumps for coagulation chemicals or heavy metal precipitation chemistry. 

In order to get the full effect of the polymers used by your company in the water purification process, the correct amount and ratio need to be used. Polymers are used for sludge drainage, sludge fortification and sedimentation in both industrial and public treatment facilities.


Leading polymer dosage

Alumichem collaborates with and distributes systems made by Polymore AB. They are known for their compact design and high quality, as the system can operate with and provide the correct dosages for both very small and very large amounts of liquid polymers. Furthermore, the systems are incredibly easy to operate.

Alumichem also supplies very stable systems from PolyBlend, which have proven their worth over many years of operation at purification plants and industrial plants.

Alumichem can also supply powder-dosing systems of all sizes, provided that the ideal polymer for the treatment is in powder form.

The heart of polymer dosing is the mixer itself, but in order to meet today’s requirements for monitoring and automation, Alumichem provides complete management to individual units that can communicate a wealth of information about the operation to the purification plant’s SRO system.

Get a complete dosing system for coagulation

Alumichem supply complete dosing systems for coagulation chemistry, such as iron chloride and aluminium chloride. This may also include the supply of a tank for the delivery of bulk chemicals.

We will always provide complete solutions where we assist from the beginning and are involved until the evaluation of the selection of coagulation chemistry, and we also provide support during the commissioning phase.

Get help and advice for all types of precipitation chemicals

If there is a requirement for additional removal of substances from the wastewater, Alumichem can assist in the delivery, installation and commissioning of dosage systems for all types of precipitation chemicals. For example, this could include high values of heavy metals in the discharged wastewater, for which Alumichems can supply MetClear, which greatly reduces the most common heavy metals in wastewater.

Complete customized solutions

We know there is no universal solution that suits all businesses. That is why we customize our solutions to meet all your requirements. We will always assist in defining your needs for new systems or optimization, and we offer consultancy in relation to optimizing existing wastewater treatment. Read more about customized solutions.

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