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Products and solutions for mitigating odors generated in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

Odors can be strong, persistent, and a nuisance to employees, residents, businesses and industries located near the wastewater treatment plant.

Unpleasant odors can be mitigated in different ways. In certain cases, a masking agent can be used, when simply mask the unpleasant odor with a pleasant one. This approach is often expensive and is mainly appropriate as a short-term solution.

A more appropriate, safe and also economical approach is to either prevent the odor from forming or to remove the odor by adsorption or reaction processes.

Reactant Odorclear

ODORCLEAR 34 is a product which react with odor molecules. ODORCLEAR 34 includes specific catching agents for hydrogen sulphide (H2S), amine and mercaptan (RSH) removal.

ODORCLEAR 34 trap hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan molecules according to the following reactions:

This product is particularly well adapted for high H2S levels, in a confined atmosphere (covered sewage plants, dehydrating room and sludge disposal). A maximum of 5 ppm H2S measured in the air is allowed for an operator working 8 hours per day while only 10 ppm H2S is allowed in the air for 15 minutes in such an atmosphere.

We recommend the use of OCORCLEAR 34 in cases where such levels are approached or when unpleasant smell becomes an issue in work areas.

Preventative Odorclear

ODORCLEAR B is a range of products that is designed to prevent the creation of odor instead of destroying an existing molecule. The principle is based on adding a substance bacteria and bio surfactant, which neutralize the activity of the anaerobic sulphur reductor bacteria responsible for the presence of odor molecules like hydrogen sulphide, or calcium nitrate, which makes the bacteria convert the nitrate rather than sulphate stopping the formation of H2S.

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