CC Klean series – Membrane cleaning chemicals

We offer a complete range of chemicals for cleaning membranes in ro – (reverse osmosis), nf – (nanofiltration), uf – (ultrafiltration) and mf – (microfiltration units). Any membrane cleaning challenge can be solved.

Specialized cleaning chemicals for membranes

The goal of a cleaning procedure is to restore the flux of the membranes to a level that is as close as possible to the designed level. If flux is not restored to satisfying level, the cleaning has not been effective or the membranes has been compromised.

The cleaning procedure and the type of chemicals to be used will depend on the type of fouling, the type of membrane and the system design.

Alumichem offers a complete range of products for cleaning membranes in RO- (reverse osmosis), NF – (nanofiltration), UF – (ultrafiltration) and MF – (microfiltration units). Our range include both high pH, low pH, neutral pH and enzymatic cleaners each designed to give superior performance in combination with low cost in specific applications for both organic and ceramic membranes.

From our wide range of product any membrane cleaning challenge can be solved, including scaling problems, biological fouling and complex cleanings of membranes in food industry applications.

To identify the most suitable cleaner, several factors must be considered:

Do you need help choosing the right membrane cleaning chemical solution for your system?

Our Membrane Cleaner Overview provides general information on each of our most used cleaners making the choice of cleaner easier.

Other highly specialised cleaners are available for special applications.

Your local Alumichem partner will be happy to help you select the best combination of cleaners for your specific application.


Low pH Cleaners

Low pH liquid formulation specifically designed to remove metal hydroxides, calcium carbonate and other scales from membrane based water treatment units such as reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF). Not suitable for Aluminium Oxide ceramic membranes. Also used for inactivation of enzymatic cleaners.

  • Suitable for use with all thin film or cellulose membranes
  • Buffered to maintain a pH of 1,5 (1%)

Low pH liquid formulation for use in organic water treatment membranes and all ceramic membranes. Can be used for inactivation of enzyme-containing cleaning agents. The product is safe in use and developed with care for the environment as it does not contain N, P and Halogens. Suitable for use in food processing industry.

  • Buffered to maintain a pH of 1,8 (1%)
  • Inhibits bacterial growths and preserves membranes.
NEUTRAL pH Cleaners

A neutral pH liquid cleaner designed for ceramic membranes in applications with high level of oils or fat. Due to the products low foaming tendency, the product is also very suitable for use in CIP-units. Provides very effective abilities in dispersing and dissolving fat and oils.

HIGH pH Cleaners

A moderate pH (10,5 at 1%) liquid cleaner designed to remove organics and mineral deposits from water treatment membranes.

  • Suitable for use in conjunction with enzymatic membrane cleaners
  • Excellent results for systems running on hard water sources.

A moderate pH (11,5 at 1%) liquid cleaner that effectively removes fat, proteins, whey precipitations and milk residues. Must not be used on aluminum or other non-alkaline resistant surfaces. Mainly used in dairy applications.

  • Can be used in conjunction with chlorine addition
  • Used for spiral wound ultrafiltration membranes

A medium pH (12,0 at 1%), liquid cleaner designed to remove fat, proteins and mineral deposits from water treatment membranes. Excellent for cleaning brine units in combination with chlorine addition (maximum 150 ppm chlorine). Very suitable for water sources with high hardness.

  • Specially formulated for cleaning of Brine units in combination with chlorine.
  • Does not contain EDTA. Contains Phosphor.

A medium to high pH (12,5 at 1%), liquid cleaner designed to remove fat, proteins and mineral deposits from water treatment membranes. Excellent for cleaning membranes working under demanding applications and high hardness water.

  • Excellent results in demanding applications.
  • Does not contain Phosphor. Contains EDTA.

A powerful high pH (12,7 at 1%), powder cleaner designed to remove organics, silt, proteins, fat and other particulate deposits from membranes. Meets the general requirements for products used in the food industry.

  • Specially formulated for temperature and alkaline resistant membranes.
  • Excellent results are achieved when used to eliminate biological slime.
  • Very powerful cleaner to recover most fouled membranes.
  • Approved for food applications

A neutral pH, liquid enzymatic cleaner designed to be used in combination with moderate alkaline pH cleaners like CC KLEAN 105 and CC KLEAN 115. The special formula combining cleaning active tensides and protein splitting enzymes gives unparalleled performance when used to clean membranes treating milk, whey, blood or similar substances.

A gentle slightly alkaline and highly effective powder based enzymatic membrane cleaning product. It effectively dissolves protein and other organic coatings and is extremely gentle to the membrane. Effective in water of any hardness due to the special formulation of the product. Also ideal for soaking for the purpose of effective dissolving of protein and other organic materials. May be left in the system during the weekend.

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