Bio Klean series – Membrane compatible biocides

We offer a complete range of membranes compatible biocides that specially formulated for the protection of membrane systems

Organic fouling can occur in membrane systems either during periods where the systems are off-line and not properly preserved or it can occur as fouling during operation, where the feed is contaminated with organics such as humic acid, bacteria, fungi, algae etc.
Alumichem Bio Klean series is a complete range of membrane compatible biocides, that specially formulated for the protection of membrane systems.

The Bio Klean products protects the system against microorganisms during regular maintenance, shut downs and even in operation.

Using Bio Klean products helps avoid biofilm formation and biofouling which increases the running time of the system and prevents biological degradation.

Do you need help choosing the right membrane cleaning chemical solution for your system?

Our Membrane Cleaner Overview provides general information on each of our most used cleaners making the choice of cleaner easier.

Other highly specialised cleaners are available for special applications.

Your local Alumichem partner will be happy to help you select the best combination of cleaners for your specific application.


Biocide based on DBNPA:
Quick disinfection of contaminated and fouled systems. Boosts the effect of long-term protection biocides. Compatible with most common materials in membrane systems such as stainless steel, polyamide, cellulose acetate and polyamide-urea.

Biocide based on CMIT/MIT. VOC free.
Used for preservation and disinfection of membranes.

Broad spectrum biocide based on CMIT/MIT. VOC free.
Disinfection and protection of membranes against bacteria, fungi and algae growth. Compatible with most usual NF and RO membranes based on polyamide, cellulose acetate and polyamide-urea.

Removal of residual chlorine.
Recommended for chlorine elimination before the membrane system.

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