Foam inhibitors

Defoamers are used to limit, reduce, avoid, or eliminate foaming.
Alumichem distributes a wide range of defoaming agents for all types of applications.

Defoamers are used to limit, reduce, avoid, or eliminate foaming. Alumichem offers all types of defoaming agents. We have the right products to both prevent the formation of foam in your systems and to suppress existing foam.

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Do you need help with selecting the right defoamer?

Our Technical specialists are available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate defoamer that will provide the specific properties you wish to obtain.

We have a broad selection of very effective, high-quality defoamers. The defoamers can be used in different industrial processes and all types of water treatment. We have antifoam emulsions specially developed for applications ranging from high temperatures, alkaline/acidic systems, thermal shocks and more. We also have a broad selection of high quality defoaming agents based on natural raw materials suitable for food contact or ECOLABEL.

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