We supply and produce high-performance coagulants used in a wide range of water treatment applications. Our experts will help you select the right coagulant for your process.  

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Our products

Sodium Aluminate – AluSAL®

AluSAL is produced by reacting alumina hydroxide with sodium hydroxide. Our unique manufacturing process...

Potassium Aluminate – AluPAL®

Excellent coagulation, flotation and sedimentation. Excellent removal of phosphor. Minimal chemical sludge

Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC®

(PAC) Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC is a high purity product with high aluminum content...

Aluminum Chlorohydrate – AluACH®

AluACH is an extremely powerful and versatile product for drinking water and industrial wastewater...

Norfloc NF1

A new inorganic coagulant that optimizes operation and can replace the traditional metal salts