Sodium Aluminate – AluSAL®

State-of-the-Art Water Purification Solution

AluSAL is produced by reacting alumina hydroxide with sodium hydroxide. Our unique manufacturing process produces a material that is free of precipitates. Additionally, Sodium Aluminate AluSAL has a very low content of heavy metals. The high content of AI in aluminates facilitates lowered transport costs.

All Sodium Aluminate solutions are produced according to EN 882 (Chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption). Aluminum products reduce chemical sludge production compared to iron, due to the low molecular weight of AI. Aluminates raise the alkalinity of the water, eliminating the need for lime or hydroxides.

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Product variations

AluSAL 38% - Sodium aluminate
AluSAL 38% is a popular solution for multiple water treatment applications, with excellent phosphorus control properties. AluSAL is a solution of Na2Al2O4 with a Na2O/Al2O3 Mole Ratio of typically 1.51.
AluSAL 44% - Sodium aluminate
AluSAL 44% unstabilized is used in those cases, where organic compounds are less desirable. AluSAL 44% has a higher viscosity compared to AluSAL 38% due to the higher content of aluminum. 44 % Sodium Aluminate also known as AluSAL is a solution of Na2Al2O4 with a Na2O/Al2O3 Mole Ratio of typically 1.3.
AluSAL 45% - Sodium aluminate

AluSAL 45% has a higher viscosity compared to AluSAL 38% due to the higher content of aluminum. It represents a strong alternative to AluSAL 38% when transporting over long distances. AluSAL is a solution of Na2Al2O4 with a Na2O/Al2O3. Mole Ratio of typically 1.28.

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