Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH – AluACH®

High Performance Coagulant

AluACH is an extremely powerful and versatile product for drinking water and industrial wastewater applications, as it delivers performance across a wide range of process and water conditions.

Key benefits

AluACH is characterized by the highest aluminum concentration (23% Al2O3) in any commercially available aluminum-based solution. AluACH has a high cationic charge which makes it very effective at removing even very small particles required for drinking water purification. In addition, it creates strong flocs that dewater well and leads to reduced levels of chemical sludge.

Because of the inherently high basicity (80-85%), AluACH needs less alkalinity in the raw water than other coagulants. As a result, AluACH can be used in both high- and low-alkalinity waters, and it has very low impact on treated water alkalinity levels, so it decreases or eliminates the need for alkali addition.

AluACH is made using high-quality raw materials and thus have very low levels of impurities, making it suitable for both drinking water applications and high demanding industrial applications.


AluACH - Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH

AluACH is a popular solution for multiple water treatment applications, with excellent phosphorus control properties.


Powerful blends of AluACH and organic coagulants.


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