Accelerating Admixtures – AluAX®

AluAX® Accelerating admixtures for sprayed concrete

Set accelerating admixtures are best defined as those which, when added to concrete, mortar or paste, increase the rate of hydration of hycraulic cement, shorten the time of setting and increase the rate of early strength development.

Alumichem A/S has during many years produced and supplied AluAX, which is a fast set accelerating admixtre, widely used within shotcrete applications, such as tunnel and mine construction projects.

Key benefits

AluAX is a solution of Na2Al2O4 with a Na2O/Al2O3 Mole Ratio of typically 1.80. AluAX is an economical source of high reactive aluminium of high purity.

AluAX is produced by reacting alumina hydroxide with sodium hydroxide. Our unique manufacturing process produces a material that is free of recipitates. This means that AluAX is stable over a wider range of handling and storage conditions.

AluAX complies to EN 934-5 – Admixtures for sprayed concrete.

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