New technology to remove multi-resistant bacteria from hospital wastewater

Alumichem is ready with a new unique solution for removal of multi-resistant bacteria from hospital wastewater. This is good news for the sewage workers and the environment.

Over the past 2 years Alumichem has in collaboration with DTU, and Teknologisk Institut developed a new technology that makes it possible to remove multi-resistant bacteria from hospital wastewater before it reaches the treatment plant.

By removing the multi-resistant bacteria at the hospitals, the health risk for the sewage workers and employees at the treatment plants is reduced. The technology also means that fewer multi-resistant bacteria are discharged to the environment in the event of sewage overflow.

An environmental friendly solution

The technology uses the chemical peracetic acid, which is also used for disinfection in the food industry and in hospitals. Peracetic acid is completely degraded in water and thus poses no environmental risk. In turn, it has been shown to be able to remove antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the wastewater.

“The hospital will be a significant source for resistant bacteria in the wastewater. We now have the solution for how to remove them on the hospitals before they are mixed with other wastewater from the city.”

Jørgen Skaarup, Planner at Hillerød Forsyning

From pilottest to new solution for hospital wastewater treatment

Alumichem was chosen for the project because of its long history of delivering custom-made solutions for the removal of heavy metals from industrial and municipal wastewater. A containerized pilot unit was set up at two different Danish hospitals where tests were carried out over a 2-year period.

With the container, it was possible to take samples of wastewater during the process so that the effect of different dosage levels of peracetic acid could be tested.

Alumchem's (previously Norlex) containerized pilot unit at SK Forsyning in Slagelse.

“Based on the project, we can adapt the solutions to the different needs of hospitals and municipal treatment plants. Several Danish municipalities have already shown interest, and we know that there is an increasing need abroad to treat wastewater from hospitals.”

Thomas Eilkær, Director at Alumichem

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