New strategy will double the export of Danish water solutions

At Alumichem we are happy to support the ambitious export strategy for the water sector set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
Aquatech 2021 Amsterdam
Alumichem at Aquatech Amsterdam 2-5 nov 2021. The world’s leading exhibition and meeting place for water professionals.

Danish companies are in the forefront when it comes to water technology and solutions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now launching a new export strategy for water with the ambition of doubling exports towards 2030. 

Water is one of the world’s most important natural resources and access to water is essential, but water is also part of the biggest global challenges: problems with obtaining clean water and dealing with dirty wastewater in a sustainable way.

At Alumichem we are promoting sustainable water solutions on an international level by supplying solutions and products for optimal water and wastewater management and drinking water production.


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