Increased focus on fish sludge capture in Norway

At Alumichem, we are ready to support the increased focus on fish sludge capture and utilization in Norway for an even more sustainable fish-based food production.

Alumichem (Thomas Eilkær and Christian Bang-Møller) at Aqua Nor 2021 in Trondheim Norway, presenting solutions for Aquaculture effluent treatment.

In order to solve environmental challenges and to be able to use new areas along the coast, Odd-Emil Ingebrigtsen Minister of Fisheries and Seafood, proposes to establish a new permit scheme for aquaculture.

The aquaculture industry creates great value for Norway, but further growth must take place within a sustainable framework. This permit scheme will contribute to positive technology development, and a more sustainable food production, says Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn.

Solutions for sustainable aquaculture

Strict environmental requirements will be set for the applicants, including a minimum of 60% collection of effluent.

At Alumichem we have a long history of providing solutions for aquaculture effluent treatment and we are ready to support Norway and facilitate a more sustainable fish-based food production.       

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