Danish business delegation on water to Texas and California

It was a pleasure to be part of the Danish business delegation on water to Texas and California led by the Danish Minister of Environment, Lea Wermelin. 

Alumichem participated in a collaborative US-Danish water delegation last week. Representatives discussed leading Danish technologies in renewable and sustainability solutions and shared insights with key stakeholders in California and Texas. 

The Danish Minister of Environment, Lea Wermelin,  and Californian utilities signed agreements to continue the collaborative effort between Danish companies to assist with California’s net-zero energy consumption and carbon emission initiatives. 

Alumichem is excited to share California’s water sustainability vision and contribute to achieving their milestones.

Turning water challenges into opportunities

Water is a scarce resource under increasing pressure, also in the U.S. several challenges related to water supply, water quality and wastewater treatment could be avoided or reduced through integrated water management and an intelligent approach to the entire water cycle.

In Denmark there has been a strong focus on water and wastewater management. Since 1980 Denmark has been able to reduce water consumption by 40% and increase energy efficiency throughout the water cycle.

The Danish water sector aims to become climate neutral by 2030. Exporting danish solutions and know-how to the U.S. could lead to massive CO2 reductions and safer water worldwide. 

The water challenge in Denmark and the US and our different experiences give the potential for great new partnerships, so we can find the best solutions going forward.  


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