CMA proves to be the best for PM10 reduction

Here you can read the abstract from the study "Studies of some measures to reduce road dust emissions from paved roads in Scandinavia" by Michael Norman and Christer Johansson.In this study they examine different measures to reduce road dust on paved roads in...

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CMA/ICE & DUST AWAY is the most non-corrosive de-icer

Trial use of calcium magnesium acetate and potassium formate on the danish storebælt bridge  Background Before the opening of the Storebælt bridge connection in 1998, Storebælt has investigated the market for de-icer agents to find alternatives for sodium chloride....

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Cleaner air and lake water in Stockholm

CMA/ ICE& DUST AWAY from Alumichem A/S contributes to better ecological situation in Stockholm Stockholm Municipality is a pioneer in a very important shift from conventional deicing and dust suppression products to the eco labelled product – CMA / ICE &...

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