Effluent treatment for Norwegian Salmon producer

Case study: Alumichem’s customized solution for aquaculture effluent treatment helped a Norwegian Salmon producer to comply with strict discharge limits.  

A Norwegian salmon producer was expanding their RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) facility but was concerned about their new stricter effluent discharge limits and what to do with their increasing sludge amounts. Alumichem worked closely with the fish farmer and their RAS supplier to customize a solution that would effectively dewater and dry their sludge to 90 percent solids and clean the water effluent.

With the treatment system in place, the effluent discharge limits were safely ensured, and a stable, hygienized and valuable dry sludge produced. Through partners, Alumichem organized for the logistics and reuse of the dry sludge with a Norwegian organic fertilizer producer who was more than happy to take the phosphorous-rich sludge.

This solution brought the highest level of clean water back to the ecosystem and ensured the sludge was being reused in a circular economy

Case facts

“We are there, at every step, to ensure you’re meeting your discharge limits and finding the optimal way of handling the solids part of your effluent in an effective and sustainable way,”

Christian Bang-Møller, CCO Alumichem


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