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ICE & DUST-AWAY is the only eco-labelled de-icing product on the market for winter maintenance today.

Every winter many million tonnes of salt are spread on roads to de-ice them. But a lot of this salt ends up in verges and other green areas along the road where it harms trees and plants. The salt used for de-icing the roads is also harmful to our groundwater, cars and animal’s paws.

That’s why we developed ICE & DUST-AWAY. Based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), ICE & DUST-AWAY is an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to conventional road salt.

ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA) has numerous advantages:

Eco-labelled and effective winter maintenance

ICE & DUST-AWAY is the only eco-labelled product on the market for winter maintenance today. It is a liquid solution based on calcium magnesium acetate. Both calcium and magnesium occur naturally in the ground, and acetate is easily degradable.

With its unique non-corrosive features ICE & DUST-AWAY is compatible with any surface or metal, including galvanized metal, and doesn’t leave any marks.

It can also be used at significantly lower temperatures than conventional road salt which is only effective down to -7 °C. We provide ICE & DUST-AWAY products that are effective down to -30 °C.

An eco-friendly de-icer with endless possibilities

Due to its effective and eco-friendly features ICE & DUST-AWAY is safe and easy to apply and can be uses for many situations and purposes:

  • Municipal Winter Maintenance – Especially used in areas, where it is necessary to protect trees, plants, water in ponds and lakes, as well as ground water.
  • Private Winter Maintenance – More and more business- and home owners prefer the safe, efficient and ecofriendly alternative to salts
  • Transportation – Secures a safe journey by effectively de-icing airports, ferries, train stations, parking spots, bicycle paths and sidewalks.
  • Shopping malls, Retail stores, Supermarkets, Restaurants – Guarantees safe admittance to the facilities, while leaving no traces and residue inside.
  • Hotels – Provides safety on parking and admittance areas and leaves no traces in the hotel halls and rooms.
  • Zoological gardens, animal hotels, farms, indoor and outdoor riding facilities – Effective de-icing and winter maintenance with absolutely no hazardous effect on animal health.
  • Parks and alleys – Effective de-icing without harming trees or plants.
  • Artificial turf sport pitches – Perfect for winter maintenance of artificial turf sport pitches, as it is non- hazardous to people or natural water resources.

Less corrosion with ICE & DUST-AWAY (CMA)

Looking isolated at the purchase costs, ICE & DUST-AWAY is more expensive than conventional road salt. This is due to the fact that the raw materials of CMA are more expensive than chlorides. But in a long-term economic view, the overall economy is quite a different matter.

According to scientific studies, road salts are at least 5-10 times more corrosive than CMA and doing harm to cars, roads and bridges. On cars alone the Danes use more than 2 billion DKK (270 mil EUR) on anti-corrosive measures and corrosive repairs every year. By using a non-corrosive de-icer these expenses could be reduced significantly.

Use CMA and spare plants and groundwater

Every year approximately 300,000 tonnes of road salt are spread on Danish roads alone. 15-20 % of this ends up in verges and other green areas along the roads – harming trees, soil and groundwater.

The lifetime of roadside trees is limited, i.a. due to salting. Road salt puts the trees under stress; it is toxic and makes it difficult for trees to absorb nourishment and water. Many things suggest that CMA will not harm trees and plants nearly as much as the chloride road salt. As a matter of fact, CMA improves the soil structure and works as a fertilizer.

De-icer and dust binder in one product

As the name indicates, ICE & DUST-AWAY is not only an eco-friendly de-icing product. It is also a very effective dust binder, that can reduce particulate air pollution (PM) by up to 35 %.

It can be used to bind dust from roads, cities and construction sites and effectively reduce air pollution in major cities.

Using the same equipment and product makes it easy to handle and spares the environment.

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DUST-AWAY is a liquid dust binder, based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)

ICE & DUST-AWAY is a liquid dust binder and de-icer, based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)

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