Water treatment for Food & Beverage industry

Achieve optimal results in your water and wastewater treatment processes.

Your trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge water treatment solutions designed exclusively for the food and beverage industry. We offer a comprehensive suite of advanced technologies and specialized chemical solutions to address all your water-related needs.

The quality of water used in your production processes directly affects the safety, and overall success of your products. That’s why we are here to provide you with comprehensive water treatment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Water treatment challenges?

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Process Water Excellence

Our state-of-the-art technologies and tailor-made chemical solutions ensure your process water meets the highest standards. From filtration to purification, we optimize water quality for enhanced product quality.

Efficient Wastewater Treatment
Alumichem provides complete wastewater and sludge treatment solutions to minimize environmental impact while complying with stringent regulations.
Boiler & Cooling System Efficiency

Keep your operations running smoothly with our specialized treatments. Prevent scale and corrosion in boilers and cooling systems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Antiscalant & Antifoam

Our industry-leading antiscalant and antifoam chemical solutions are formulated to perfection, reducing downtime and maintaining optimal system performance.

Meeting your stringent discharge requirements

The requirements for wastewater treatment and discharge are becoming stricter – both in Europe and globally.

By partnering with Alumichem, you are guaranteed the system solutions comply with your current environmental legislations and you will receive peace of mind that they can be adapted for any future requirements

Solutions for Food and Beverage

Our solutions are designed, engineered, and combined according to any given customer requirement. Our experts are experienced in process optimization, which includes identifying the most suitable chemistry and technology for your needs.

Let us help you maximize performance and minimize risk in your water treatment processes.

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Explore the Processes we work with in food and beverage

Boiler system

The primary purpose of water treatment in boiler systems is to avoid corrosion and deposits that could...

Cooling systems

Correct treatment protects against deposits keeping the microbiological growth under control...

Odor Control

Range of odor control solutions to help manage and control odor and potentially dangerous gasses...

Foam Control

The presence of foam in effluent from wastewater treatment plants can prompt complaints...

Sludge treatment

Alumichem supply sludge treatment chemicals and equipment and the expertise to optimize the sludge...

Heavy metal removal

Products and solutions for removal of all types of heavy metals from wastewater...


Complete range of coagulants. we are experts in optimising coagulation processes in the treatment...

Polymer / flocculation

We have unique and vast experience in the supply and use of polymers, which benefits our customers in particular.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Solution for industrial wastewater removes all pollutants from...