Biological Wastewater treatment

We have the technologies, chemicals, and expertise to help stabilize your biological wastewater treatment plant.

Controlling an activated sludge process can be challenging due to changes in weather conditions, changes in water parameters or industrial discharges. All the listed factors can cause various problems in the activated sludge processes, including bulking, foaming, odor problems and poor settling properties.

We have the right technologies and chemicals to help stabilize your biological wastewater treatment plant and maximise sludge dewatering. Our engineering experts will help you design a complete program to help optimise the total plant performance.

Alumichem ensures that your treatment chemicals, systems, and processes are optimized to keep your plant in compliance at the lowest cost.

Wastewater treatment challenges?

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Customized solutions

We know that the composition of wastewater varies dramatically from one business or municipality to another. Every solution we design is therefore tailor-made to fit the needs at each treatment plant. 

We specialize in the following processes within biological wastewater treatment:  

Explore the Processes we work with in Biological wastewater treatment

Sludge treatment

Sludge treatment for sustainable water management. Reduce costs and turn your sludge into a valuable...

Sludge Settling

stable activated sludge system is the key to healthy sludge and effective wastewater treatment...

Foam Control

The presence of foam in effluent from wastewater treatment plants can prompt complaints...

Phosphorus removal

Solution for phosphorus removal will ensure that the wastewater that is discharged from your company...

Odor Control

Range of odor control solutions to help manage and control odor and potentially dangerous gasses...