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Alumichem is a leading supplier and manufacturer of chemicals and complete solutions for wastewater treatment.

Alumichem delivers integrated wastewater treatment solutions. Therefore, we can ensure that your treatment chemicals, systems, and processes are optimized to keep your plant in compliance at the lowest cost.

Alumichem have extensive knowledge and treatment programs for both Chemical wastewater treatment and Biological wastewater treatment.

Chemical wastewater treatment

Solutions for Chemical wastewater treatment 

Biological wastewater treatment

Solutions for Biological wastewater treatment

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Experts in wastewater treatment

Since the 1980s, Alumichem has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for wastewater treatment.

When treating wastewater from your business, different equipment and chemicals are used to clean the water, stabilize the processes, and dewater the sludge. Normally, it is not possible to achieve the desired purity of the treated water and to dewater the sludge without the aid of chemical products.

Chemicals can also be very helpful when dealing with various challenges at the wastewater treatment plants such as foam, filamentous bacteria, poor sedimentation properties and many more.

We supply all chemicals and equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Comply with strict discharge limits

All wastewater must be treated to remove dissolved and suspended material and contaminants, so that they do not harm the natural areas where the treated wastewater is discharged.

Industrial wastewater mainly goes into nature through treatment plants or separate discharges. There are many strict and precise requirements for these discharges, which Alumichem has the expertise to navigate.

Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, our customers can trust the high purity standards of our products and the service that we proudly promote.

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