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Alumichem combines international expertise and local knowledge to support potable water treatment in West Africa.

Africa is one of the most naturally resourced continents in the world, and that includes water resources; rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater. That notwithstanding, access to potable drinking water remains a challenge and a major contributor to poverty on the African continent.

Available data indicates that nearly 40% of the people living in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to clean water.

Your experts in Potable water treatment in West Africa

With our local presence in Ghana, Alumichem is working with state utility water producers to improve the efficiency of their treatment processes and make more treated water available for use by consumers in urban and peri-urban areas.

Our products and services:

In Ghana, we demonstrate our commitment through the supply of specially formulated, drinking water-approved water treatment chemistry Read more in news below –>

As a service provider, manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, Alumichem collaborates with utility companies in the areas of:

Testing and Trials

Raw water characteristics differ from one water source to the other. Chemical optimisation for water treatment at different locations will therefore require studies of these water sources to determine which specific chemical solution works best on a particular raw water source with considerations not necessarily on cost but more importantly on efficiency and safety. Alumichem has conducted and continues to conduct studies on several raw water sources for drinking water production across the West African Nation.

Capacity Building

Knowledge sharing and capacity building is a key aspect of every production process. Alumichem draws from its wealth of expertise across several countries and from different water treatment processes and applications to build the capacity of the personnel of the utility company.

Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals

Alumichem in Ghana now supplies polyelectrolyte coagulants and other water treatment chemicals that, coupled with regular technical support, assures process and cost optimization for utility companies.

Wastewater treatment in West Africa

As experts in wastewater treatment, Alumichem develops and delivers the systems and chemistry needed, to ensure clean water and sustainable wastewater management in Ghana. 

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