Reduction of particle contamination in major cities

Solution for reduction of particulate air pollution in major cities

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Particle contamination is an increasing problem in major cities, where the particles in the air (PM10) are above EU threshold values.

According to EU’s Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution more than 300,000 EU citizens die every year due to particle pollution. The EU has estimated that the health-related economic cost can be as high as 609 billion EUR annually in 2020 if we don’t do anything. That corresponds to 1,350 EUR per EU-citizen.

By suppressing the dust released from, for example, roads and construction sites, the air won’t be as polluted resulting in fewer health-related economic costs. Our liquid product for dust control, DUST-AWAY, can effectively reduce the amount of dust released from cities, roads, construction and demolition sites by 35 % in average.

A safe and eco-friendly dust binder

DUST-AWAY is a liquid dust binder, based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). Both calcium and magnesium occur naturally in the ground, and acetate is easily degradable.

DUST-AWAY is safe and easy to use and its unique non-corrosive features makes it compatible with any surface or metal, including galvanized metal, and doesn’t leave any marks.

London reduced air pollution with dust control

In London a series of measures has been taken to reduce particle contamination. The application of dust suppressants to road surfaces in priority areas is one of the local measures.

DUST-AWAY was applied along Victoria Embankment between Waterloo Bridge and Byward Street. An overall reduction in 24-hour PM10 concentrations was identified and calculated to be approximately 14%.

The most efficient dust binder

Stockholm is also struggling with particle contamination and conducted tests with DUST-AWAY in the city centre and on the highway between Stockholm and Arlanda. During the tests, the particle concentration was measured after conducting three different treatments of the road: No treatment; Spraying with water and treatment with DUST-AWAY from Alumichem.

The effects of spraying with water were limited, but when the road was treated with DUST-AWAY, the PM10 contents dropped by an average 35 %. The explanation is, that CMA binds dust and particles, thus preventing them from being whirled into the air.

Stockholm City is also using ICE & DUST-AWAY during winter time on major roads leading into the city and in parts of the city, where they benefit from its de-icing capabilities.
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Studies in Gothenburg, Sweden, and in Klagenfurt, Austria, have showed the same positive effect on the particle contamination in major cities.

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Dust binder and de-icer in one product

As the name indicates ICE & DUST-AWAY is not only an eco-friendly dust binding product. It is also an eco-friendly and effective alternative to conventional road salt. The product for de-icing is marketed under the name ICE & DUST-AWAY and bears Nordic SWAN Ecolabel

It can be used on any surfaces and down to -30 °C. It’s non-corrosive and won’t harm cars, nature or our groundwater.

Using the same equipment and product makes it easy to handle and spares the environment.

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DUST-AWAY is a liquid dust binder, based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)

ICE & DUST-AWAY is a liquid dust binder and de-icer, based on calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)

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