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Having the right treatment of water in industrial applications is essential to produce the correct water quality and to protect equipment from deposits and corrosion.
We are experts in industrial water treatment and water purification. We provide complete solutions, that consists of the essential chemical products, equipment, and the required services.

Why is water treatment so important?

Water plays an important role in most industrial processes and is a fundamental product in almost every step of the manufacturing and production processes around the world.

Even though water might look clear and clean it can still contain many minerals and microbiological organisms, that over time can slow down production lines, reduce the efficiency of processes.

Because of this there are strict requirements for the treatment of industrial process water. At Alumichem we have developed effective products that ensure your water lives up to these requirements.

We are specialist in:

We have the products for any kind of water treatment

Three of the main issues that require water treatment are:

All three issues can over time do the great damage to any water system. To accommodate this, we have developed a series of chemicals, that can prevent these issues from happening. 

Water treatment challenges?

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We help industrial production lines to run smoothly. Whether it’s keeping boiler and cooling systems running effectively, purifying surface water into drinking water, or another kind of water treatment.

We are experts in optimizing the relationship between operating profit and cost using innovative products and methods that reduce the overall need for chemicals.

We provide a full range of services for industrial water treatment:

Explore the Processes we work with in industrial water treatment

Boiler system

The primary purpose of water treatment in boiler systems is to avoid corrosion and deposits that could...

Cooling systems

Correct treatment protects against deposits keeping the microbiological growth under control...

Membrane processes

Optimal operation of a membrane plant include the use of antiscalants and the ability to effectively clean...