Chemistry powering next generation battery technology

Alumichem produces the chemicals used in batteries, powering the future of zero carbon transportation.

To meet customers’ requirements, the automotive industry needs continuous innovations. Alumichem delivers high-performance chemicals used in next-generation battery technology.

Energy storage plays a crucial part of our everyday lives. The demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing steadily, and new applications such as electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars will spur demand even further in the coming years.

The next-generation lithium-ion battery technologies with higher capacity and durability, will rely on the development of innovative materials, processes and technologies. Advanced active materials offer higher performance in terms of energy density and efficiency, which translates into a safer battery that fulfills customers’ requirements.

Alumichem is an established supplier of high-quality aluminates (AluSAL, AluPAC) which are essential to the manufacturing of battery materials such as Nickel Cobalt Aluminum (NCA) oxide, which play a key role in determining battery performance, energy density, service life and safety.

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