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Alumichem offers a wide range of powerful coagulants and filter material, like activated carbon, that help produce high-quality drinking water, whether the source is ground water or surface water.

Depending on local climate, geology and other conditions, the source of water for potable water production can be either sea-, ground- or surface water. Each type requires a different treatment approach to produce safe and high quality drinking water.

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Ground water will often look clear and clean but it can still contain many pollutants, such as pesticides, excess minerals and microbiological organisms.

Surface water

Surface waters contain organics and suspended solids, that need to be removed in a coagulation step before water can be filtered and disinfected.

Ocean water

Ocean water contains salt, which must be removed in a reverse osmosis membrane process. This process also removes most of the minerals, so most often the water needs a remineralization step. 

Water treatment challenges?

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Optimal use of coagulants

When drinking water is produced from surface water it is very important to remove organics and all the fine silt particles and other colloidal material.

This can be done by adding coagulants, which are essential for effective separation of the polluting material from the water during a purification process.

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There are strict requirements for the treatment of water that is to be used for drinking water. At Alumichem we have developed effective products and technologies that ensure your water lives up to these requirements and is produced in the most cost-effective way.

Drinking water treatment in West Africa

Alumichem combines international expertise and local knowledge to support potable water treatment in Ghana.

Alumichem is working with state utility water producers to improve the efficiency of their treatment processes and make more treated water available for use by consumers in urban and peri-urban areas.

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