Paint detackification for automotive and industrial paint systems

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We offer a total water treatment solution for paint detackification, wastewater, effluent systems, boilers, heat exchangers, and co-ag treatments.

Removing organic solids in automotive and industrial Paint Systems along with other Industrial or Wastewater systems is the core business solution. We also specialize in Technical Engineering Solutions to increase the productivity and Quality of any Paint System or Industrial process.

Each Industrial process or paint system is unique in both manufacturing and operation, requiring a unified mechanical, operational and chemical approach to optimise performance.

Industrial paint systems

Manufacturing of Wet Paint Systems and Industrial Water Systems is divided into three options.

Case study

Green chemical solution for YTAB

Alumichems’ complete green chemical program for paint detackification improved performance and reduced total cost of operation for a major surface treatment company in Sweden.
Read case study here

Complete customized solutions

We have extensive experience working on every type of solids removal program and use a methodical approach to demonstrate the fit and capabilities of our technology.

We have developed chemicals that not only provide detackification but also denature and change the physical activity of the organic solid in the systems. We offer our chemicals to anyone anywhere that need support with solids removal or processing.

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