Flocculants for industrial processes and water treatment

Clean process water is of the utmost importance in achieving stable runability and good quality in the production processes. Impurities in process water can affect the quality of the product.

Our product range is characterized by a very high content of aluminum, thus representing an attractive and effective alternative to other products on the market.

Tailor-made products for industrial processes and water treatment

Our aluminates can be used for a wide range of applications. Here is a selection of the many industries where our aluminates are used:

As the above shows, our products can be used for a vast number of applications and sometimes we are even surprised ourselves of the seemingly endless possibilities of aluminates. Our experience tells us that not every company fits into pre-fixed boxes. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet the exact specifications you require for your production.

Delivery when you need it, where you need it

Different customers have different needs. We know the importance of a reliable supply chain. Whether you prefer IBC or tanktruck deliveres, tailormade products to exactly meet your water treatment plant specifications or short or long term planned deliveries you can count on us as a partner and long-term collaborator.

We do our best every day to fulfill the demand for on-time deliveries at a competitive cost level.

Flocculation chemicals for industrial processes and water treatment

We provide State-of-the-Art Water Purification Solutions for usage in industrial water treatment. Sodium Aluminate and AluPAC (Poly Aluminim Chloride) are the clear choices of flocculation chemicals and for removal of phosfor. The uniformity of the products ensures an excellent result in the flotation or sedimentation process and ensures high water purity.


Produced by reacting alumina hydroxide with sodium hydroxide. The high content of AI in aluminates …

Excellent coagulation, flotation and sedimentation. Excellent removal of phosphor. Minimal chemical sludge

(PAC) Poly Aluminium Chloride – AluPAC is a high purity product with high aluminum content…

AluACH is an extremely powerful and versatile product for drinking water and industrial wastewater…