Aquaculture intake water treatment

Customized turnkey solutions for aquaculture intake water treatment.

Alumichem has extensive knowledge in working with and treating intake water sources.  With access to a wide range of treatment options depending on whether you are treating Ground Water, Surface Water, Sea Water, or creating Synthetic Sea Water we can help you produce the high-quality water your project requires. 

Depending on local climate, geology and project requirements (type of fish being raised or prepared) each water source requires a different treatment approach to produce safe, hygienic and high-quality water.

Ground Water

Ground water will often look clear and clean as it is usually free of suspended solids, but it can still contain contaminants and microbiological organisms that are detrimental to fish.

Surface water

Surface waters contain organics, suspended solids and microbiological organism´s that need to be removed and the water disinfected to ensure the safe distribution to the culture tank or the processing facility.

Sea water

If you are drawing your water source straight from the ocean it is imperative that the fish are protected from any harmful bacteria or virus’.

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There are many things to consider with regards to the treatment of intake water for both Aquaculture Systems and Fish Processing facilities. At Alumichem we have developed effective methods and technologies that ensure your water lives up to these stringent requirements and is produced in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Whether you are an existing operating facility or designing a new facility Alumichem’s team can help

Alumichem offers full range of products and services for aquaculture intake water treatment

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Trevor Gent

Effluent treatment for Norwegian Salmon producer

Case study: Alumichem’s customized solution for aquaculture effluent treatment helped a Norwegian Salmon producer to comply with strict discharge limits.   A Norwegian salmon producer was expanding their RAS (Recirculating


Sea water intake treatment system

Basic Design: Prefiltration, Membrane skids, Automatic cleaning-in place system (CIP), Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection and a control panel.

Pre-filtration performed by 2 self-cleaning filters, designed for operation in seawater, where one filter can handle the full design flow, thereby ensuring full redundancy in case of service. After prefiltration the water is passed through an Ultra Filtration (UF) system based upon hollow fiber membranes with a pore size of 0.02 micron. At a pore size of 0.02 micron all particles, bacteria, virus’ and large organic molecules are rejected from the intake water.  To ensure proper disinfection the water is then passed through an Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection system.

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