Alumichem is making an impact in Ghana

It was a great visit to Ghana Kumasi to see Barekese water treatment plant and Alumichem’s new dosing facility.  

The Danish ambassador Tom Nørring visited the Barekese Water works at Kumasi to see at first hand Alumichem’s collaboration with Ghana Water Company Ltd. in the area of chemical optimization and coagulant chemistry in water treatment.

In addition to supplying solutions for water treatment, Alumichem has provided engineering infrastructure that ensures overall process optimisation. This infrastructure includes a dosing station, a transfer station and storage.

“There is no doubt that this is a win, win, win situation for Alumichem, Ghana Water Company and most importantly the people of Kumasi and surrounding areas”.

Danish ambassador Tom Nørring

“Using Alumichem’s coagulants has enabled us to extend our filter run times. We are making savings from produced water that would have been used for backwashing and now have more water going into distribution than before. This is indeed remarkable”

Ghana Water Company Ltd.

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