Alumichem has partnered with Photocat, which will take over the de-icing and dust suppression product CMA

We are happy to announce that Photocat will take over the CMA business. CMA will still be produced at Alumichem’s production facility in Kalundborg.

Jens Husted Kjær (CEO, Alumichem) and Michael Humle (CEO, Photocat) are signing the contract at Alumichems HQ in Birkerød.

CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) is known as the sustainable de-icer and dust suppression product which have properties of being highly effective, require fewer applications, be good for pets and wildlife, reduce corrosion and additional benefits.

Photocat manufactures patented coating materials for both outdoor and indoor applications with the effect to degrade NOx and VOC´s when exposed to light. Both NOx and VOC’s are severely damaging to human health.

The WHO has recently made it clear that the air quality thresholds must be lowered to save more lives and provide more quality of life to the inhabitants of our modern world. CMA has been proven to reduce particles in the air with around 30%. Particles is together with NOx the 2 main problems in air quality problem in our modern cities.

“We truly believe Photocat with their business model and focus on air cleaning will have benefit of our solutions which has have enjoyed a unique market position since we started producing CMA to protect us from dust and ice. Further a solution which is marked with the Nordic Eco label Swan fits well into Photocat portfolio”.

Jens Husted Kjær, CEO Alumichem

“I am pleased to have entered into partnership with Alumichem. We share many of the same values and can benefit from co-operating with each other. Further I am proud that Alumichem trust Photocat as new parents for their business of CMA.”

Michael Humle, CEO Photocat


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